Picture Tasks in folders

The My Pictures folder includes properties which provide information to tools so that you can view, print, and manipulate images, and publish images on the Internet. To perform these tasks, you can use the Picture Tasks section in the left pane in the Web view window, or you can use the Image preview functionality. You can also click the View menu, and then click Filmstrip or Thumbnails.

These properties are passed on to new created folders that have nothing else in them, or if you copy the My Pictures folder somewhere else, which enables you to store images in folders other than My Pictures, and still maintain the advantages of the My Pictures environment. If you copy an image to an existing folder that already contains other file types, the Picture Tasks options may not be displayed in the Web view window, and if you create a folder and the first file is an image file, the picture tasks options are added, but if you remove the image files, the picture tasks options will remain in the left pane.