Creating a Boot Disk for an NTFS or FAT Partition (Q311073)

This article describes how to create a Windows boot disk to access a drive with a faulty boot sequence on an Intel x86-processor-based computer.

NOTE : The procedure for RISC-based computers is different and not documented in this article.

This Windows boot disk can access a drive that has the Windows NT file system (NTFS) or File allocation table (FAT) file system installed. The procedures in this article can be useful to work around the following boot problems:

  • Corrupted boot sector.
  • Corrupted master boot record (MBR).
  • Virus infections.
  • Missing or corrupt NTLDR or
  • Incorrect Ntbootdd.sys driver.
  • This boot disk can also be used to boot from the shadow of a broken mirror, although you may need to change the Boot.ini file to do that.

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